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The Last Passport (COMPLETED)

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Directed by: Kent Smith & David Temple

Story: George Miller (Jimmy Hager) is a mysterious man in the twilight of his life who through a variety of encounters, takes us on a journey through his past to show us we are not all that different. During a typical day at a passport office...or so it seems...we meet a slew of characters who all have something in common, and in George they all find a willing ear; a man who cares about their stories, and who isn't afraid to be honest. Featuring a cast of characters from all walks of life, who reflect the humor and the tragedy in all us, "The Last Passport" will leave a lasting impression on anybody who has ever wondered what it would be like to be honest with yourself for just one day.

This feature length indie film was written, shot, edited and scored in 30 days. There were over 60 crew members working from all over the North Carolina area who came together with the dream of telling a passionate story that would change peoples lives.

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