We have been incredibly excited by the outreach of people to tell us what they think about The Last Passport.  The response has been more than overwhelming.   Here are just a few of the reactions from people who have purchased the DVD.  We want to hear more feedback from you.


“What a wonderful movie.  Clearly you were captured, or as I would say, “called” to offer this movie.  The characters were enlivened by the story line, as much as the story line enlivened the characters”.  – Marty M.

“Loved the DVD”. – Herb B.

“The movie was just great and the ending was quite a surprise. You did a fabulous job.Fantastic job.  It was awesome.”  -John S.

“Conceptually, I love the story and thought Jimmy was AWESOME!!!!”  – Joby G.

“What a powerful film. I was moved. Don’t have the words. Very well said.  Thank you for sharing it with the world and me.”  – Greg M.

“Lovely story.  Completely caught me off guard.” – Mike B.

“We watched it Monday night, with our daughter who has a film-making interest, and we all enjoyed it tremendously. “   –  Larry W.

“I honestly think the world would be a better place if everyone saw this film and actually took it to heart.”  – John D.

“I love “The Last Passport” and have let several people borrow it.  You have fans for life!!!  -Kim V.

Kent Smith