MIKE - Short/Feature Film in Production

Have you ever wondered? Wonder how things could be different in the future and how they could change? I have watched a young boy starting to grow up who has some difficulties in what most of us take for granted, developing. When ordinary skills are slow to develop, other skills are developing faster and faster. This one particular kid has developed an ability that reaches straight to the heart of people around him with his smile and love. He has developed a unique gift that so many humans have overlooked, love.

Coming up with a story is sometimes a hard thing, but when it's something close to your heart, the ideas start rolling. In the case of MIKE, the idea was very clear from the beginning, what would Mike, a mentally challenged man in his mid 50's, be like when he grew older? He lives with his mom, and his father passed away early in his life. He works as a simple flower watering boy for his friend Donald who owns his own landscaping business.

With this idea, a story started to grow, and then that story went from the pages of a script to the actor's review. Once the actors were on board, then we started finding the perfect crew that believed in indie filmmaking and telling great stories. What began as a 20-page script has developed into something amazing. Currently, with the help of a fantastic crew and cast, we have started our journey of shooting a short/feature film. We are now in the process of shooting around the state of North Carolina from Charlotte to Wrightsville Beach.

We hope that you will continue to follow our story as it grows to the big screen. We have some exciting news around the corner for this film. Make sure you LIKE MIKE.

Mike  (Patrick Keenan ) is bringing a new meaning to being hot in the south with co-star Caroline  (Johanna Jowett) . He is thankful for A/C.

Mike (Patrick Keenan) is bringing a new meaning to being hot in the south with co-star Caroline (Johanna Jowett). He is thankful for A/C.